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Water and Flood Damage? - Don’t Despair, We Can Help

Water damage can really harm your property whether it’s a small leak or full-scale flooding after a storm. That’s why you need to keep calm and call professionals like ourselves. Our teams are trained and skilled and can start work on the clear-up very fast. Our industrial equipment includes pumps, dehumidifiers and desiccant dryers (useful for restoring personal possessions like books and documents). And our thermal fogging machines and anti-viral cleaning solutions are ideal for disinfecting and sanitizing too. So if you’re dealing with any kind of water damage, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to us.

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If You Spot Mold, Call Us Immediately!

If you find mold in your property, you need to call a professional immediately. It might have occurred as a result of flooding, damp or excess moisture (mold thrives on water) but it is extremely dangerous, if not treated. It can cause respiratory infections, skin rashes and provoke allergies and is able to reproduce very quickly. Our technicians will seal off the endangered area, kill the mold with HEPA filtration equipment and destroy any airborne spores with special air scrubbing machinery. They will be wearing PPE and, if necessary, will take swab tests and moisture readings for the purposes of an insurance claim. So if you suspect mold, call us immediately.

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Sewage Backup? Call a Pro, Immediately!

Sewage back-up is a terrible situation to face and can leave your feeling completely overwhelmed. At times like this, there is only one thing you can do- seek immediate professional help. Whether it is an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe or a blocked sink the results are the same - filthy, contaminated water (sometimes black) and a vile stench. Our services involve pumping out the infected water, taking care of the resulting property damage, then drying out the area with our industrial machinery, before sanitizing and deodorizing everything. We will respond to your call promptly and keeping you safe will be our first priority at all times.

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